Building Management Systems (BMS)

Buildings of present era are redefined in terms of refreshing needs of occupants. Building Management System (BMS ) is a fresh approach to management of various systems viz. power, access ,automated gadgets,  heating  ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) within a specific band width of power consumption and safety measures extending to a form of luxury at the same time. BMS is a flexible 'Energy Monitoring System' which possess the ability to baseline energy consumption, eliminating energy wastage and  ensures safety of the occupants.


Technically BMS is control system implemented along with system that consumes a major portion of power consumption such as HVAC or Lightning, or a combination of more. Once implemented, BMS can access the closed circuit television (CCTV) or access points to monitor and perform the required action without any additional command in a way making the building smart. BMS can also generate alerts and schedule actions whenever required. Nowadays even disaster management situations such as Fire alarms and short circuit, prevention of entry of smokes etc. is entrusted with BMS.



Once BMS is implemented the working as well as the maintenance of the system can be done in a whole to part manner ie. Hierarchically from main to sub systems. Also less man power is required for maintenance and operations appending, removal, or maintenance task become simpler with much of the tasks automated and perfectly scheduled.  Apparently, one can control or fix any of the system without much moving around along with monitoring of other tasks. If the system is provided with the instructions, it basically follows and executes them accurately every single time and also forewarns you about potential issues that require your attention.



Managing and maintaining is a complex task involving lots of complex networks and gadgets. The operations becomes complicated. Once BMS is embedded it ensures easy, faster and smooth operations involving less individuals and with reduced duration. Configuring new sensors / equipments / control points in the existing system and addition of scheduled repetitive tasks becomes easier once it becomes a central system.

BMS is compliant with most industry standard protocols. Integration with third party systems is easy. Even those components that use proprietary protocols can be integrated and scaled through drivers customized for the purpose.



With BMS installed the consumption and usage potentials can be monitored in an integrated and scalable way. One can access the details of energy consumption of different sysytems differentially so as to assess the measures to reduce or reprogram to optimize the same there by making the system flexible and reducing the cost of electricity.




BMS controls your building by eliminating the need for manual oversight. It allows you to monitor your buildings ‘consumption of power, efficiency and performance, completely independently and without any further commands reducing the risk as well as the labor for repetitive tasks. Better scheduling of equipment and optimized operation eliminates unnecessary wastage, leading to significant energy savings.


In simple words, it will become your team’s vital invaluable member that you cannot do without.