IT Support & Maintenance

Technology is a game changer. A powerful tool that significantly helps us achieve their mission soar high in business.  As your IT Department, the major responsibility is to make sure that you can you achieve it fully and it resides with us.  We understand the significance of the responsibilities that our clients place in us and our IT services extend beyond usual IT Support and Management.  To IT and management related task there is a business goal to fulfill. This require working in all spheres of a business from decision making and planning to data storage and network management in a reliable, responsive, transparent, and consistent manner.


Strategic planning includes analyzing current challenges and potential opportunities and helping clients invest in the right technology cutting off the unnecessary costs and ensures capacity for their future plans.


With cloud management includes the hardware, software, and servers out of your facility and handles the administrative and upgrading functions. The company can access the information and programs they need without actually having to manage these systems. We have a good server management to reduce anomalies or discrepancies in accessing data. We have regularly scheduled maintenance tasks , data Backup management . User authentication activity verification to prevent fraud activities.Patch management and service pack installation also is a data security along with Spyware/ Trojan/ Virus detection and removal and Virus outbreak control. Our company performs daily safety checks in order to even reduces chances of small mishaps. Effective use of limited resources, data and usage patterning and tracking by Bandwidth Management.



We help in right desicion making in case of choosing vendors


Our help desk is responsible to  respond within two minutes or less to questions. Because we connect our help desk to our lead engineers, these staff members know your systems well and can offer support that is specific to your business and technology. We provide remote and on-site server and/or desktop support along with telephone support. Above all online support for server and manageme


To improve one's strength, capacity, and to maintain their network connections and storage one approaches the IT company. We usually start a new network system and add the old one to it. We keep a track in the pros and cons of their server and alert the officials when required. This will further reduce complications in connectivity problems. proactive remote network and system monitoring and management and Regular network performance and activity reporting with Web reporting along with on-demand reporting will again enhance the networking to run smoothly and transparently.Upstream ISP network equipment monitoring is usually embedded to resolve Internet connection issues more effectively.


Our network operations team provides minute-by-minute monitoring, ensuring you maximum network uptime with System failure notification,Proactive server monitoring and management and Network performance monitoring and analysis