Parking Solutions & Barrier Gates

Parking area and entrances are most important places of a company, weather industrial or commercial.  In terms of parking aspects  efficient parking is mainly characterized by service, safety and better management.

We offer a complete parking solution and barrier gate to ensure the safety and elegance of the vehicles. A wide variety of barrier gates & swing and slide gate operators for industrial, commercial and residential applications where protection, privacy, reserved space or traffic flow control is available


Our automated vehicular gate system options can be configured to work in concert with other system components that are commonly required with a parking arrangement with integrated access control solutions like Card Technology, Telephone Entry Systems, CCTV monitor, barrier gate and automatic gate openers can be fitted.


Safety and compatibility of gates involves a combination of elements- accurate and engineered installation that considers geometric layout, perfect wiring to code and installing integrated safety systems. With experienced staff and proper certifications we ensure that you will be satisfied with your new system from installation and through support. We can provide a complete in house design and manufacturing facility to your own specifications. For enhanced security and convenience, gates can also be fitted with a range of remote monitoring and access control systems.




A barrier gate with lift arm is the most commonly used gate deployed in industrial & commercial sectors where space is limited or narrow and speed of the gate can be critical. Barrier gate arms come in different lengths and with varying lift speeds depending on the requirement. Most of the gates are direct drive engineered which replaces conventional belts, pulleys, etc., and with auto rise and safety rebound features that protect vehicles by reversing direction on physical contact. Automatic barriers are used to effectively regulate pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The lift arms of different length allow traffic barriers to meet any particular requirement of private ,commercial or industrial companies.


They are made of a motor body and control unit, protected by a case with different finishes, for applications in critical environment conditions, like heavy traffic areas.

Automatic barrier that work by hydraulic and electromechanical  mechanisms are available. Dual speed of the barrier has dual speed operation that ensures quick opening and closing. The adjustable grill below boom also prevents the intruders to move inside below the boom.

Security barrier gates has in built Anti crush safety device .All Barriers are supplied with plug in control board and balancing system already set. Quick release disengaging mechanism enables changeover to manual operation very easily in case of power failure. They are also embedded with cameras for automated number plate recognition, preventing vandalism and trespass through gates ensuring further safety.


The barrier gates are embedded with a lane signals using LED for improved user guidance. Its gives the stop and go instructions.